Buff’s Garden is located at the 47th Street public access way to the beach. It was designed and built by The Buff Foundation, Inc, with special permission by the City of Virginia Beach, and as such is maintained by the Foundation. Therefore any use other than a walkway to the beach and back might need permission by the City of Virginia Beach.

The Board of Directors encourages those that are planning a wedding to check with the city in regards to any rules and regulations that would apply, as well as if a permit is needed.

Wedding Couple

After you have researched the city’s requirements, The Buff Foundation has several rules for you to follow if you are planning to tie the knot at the garden.

Garden Rules

  • Decorations are not permissible on the arbor. Please do not tie, tape, staple screw or nail into the wooden arbor. Violators will be fined for damages.
  • No chairs (other than wheelchairs) may be set up in or on the walkway and the landscaped grounds. It is our understanding that it is against the law to block a public access way to the beach.
  • Soft music may be played.
  • There is no reservation process in place, the use of the garden is "first come, first serve."
  • Parking is extremely limited.

The Buff Foundation reminds you that Buff’s Garden sits amongst residential properties, so please adhere to both the City of Virginia Beach and the Buff Foundation’s requests. Neighbors will report violators.


Since the garden is privately maintained by The Buff Foundation, which is nonprofit, there is no charge but a donation is most welcome to help us with the purchase, planting and watering of the flowers that make the garden beautiful for your special day.

The Board of Directors thanks you in advance for your generous gift.